Fall 10×10: FINAL RECAP!

DAY TEN! We made it! 🙂

Since today is the last day of the challenge, I’m reflecting on what I learned, loved, and what I would do differently next time.

Although I didn’t go into the Fall 10×10 Challenge expecting to have a major style breakthrough or anything, I still really enjoyed taking part in something I normally would have passed on in fear of my clothes not being cute enough or my photography/modelling skills being amateur (at best).

I didn’t really venture outside my style comfort zone, but posting photos of myself and on a topic that is basically foreign to me (fashion) are both huge steps outside my bubble on their own. I’m happy I stuck to it.


What I Learned

I can’t say I learned a whole lot about my style that I didn’t already know, other than the fact that I can go from classic all-black to casual tom-boy overnight (ha).

I did realize, however, that the quality of my current wardrobe is extremely lacking, and a transition towards a more timeless and ethical wardrobe is something I’d like to start working on. You may have noticed that I chose not to share many details about the items I included, mainly because they are generally from lower quality, “fast-fashion” brands that I’m not super proud to support and/or promote here. I feel like I’m at an age/point in my life where I can start investing in my personal style and owning items that will last, both in quality and in style.


What I Loved

I truly appreciated how easy it was to get dressed each morning. Pre-challenge, I mapped out how many outfits I could mix-and-match with the items I chose, just to make sure I could get 10 outfits that I would enjoy wearing. It worked out really well in that I already knew what outfit I’d be wearing each day, with the exception of swapping out shoes or accessories if I wanted. And if I did do a swap or add an extra item, I certainly didn’t look at it as a “mistake” or “cheating”, because this was truly meant to be a playful experiment for me.

My favourite item had to be my chunky knit cardigan — I think I wore it on 5/10 days, even if I just threw it on as an extra layer outdoors.

Here was the guideline I created to refer to each morning:


What I Would Do Next Time

I didn’t feel that I included any pieces that I shouldn’t have, since I only included items that I knew I loved. However, if I were to do this challenge again, I would probably try to include more pieces that are outside my comfort zone. Being that it’s only 10 days, it would be a great way to try something different like a bold colour or fun pattern, two things I don’t have much of in my current wardrobe.

Overall weather-wise it was a bit cooler than I had anticipated, so next time I would scope out the forecast before planning outfits. I spent most of my time indoors other than on the weekend, so the cooler temps weren’t a big worry. I was thankful my current job has a pretty casual dress code, as I imagine a challenge like this would be more difficult in a formal workplace.

Here’s a recap of the outfits I wore:

Fall 10x10 Challenge: Final Recap | Happy Little Minimalist

Ten items, ten outfits, ten days — and I survived! I have to say thank you to Lee at Stylebee and Caroline at Un-fancy for organizing the 10×10 and inspiring us all to be more creative with our style choices.

I gotta say, I am pretty excited to reunite with the rest of my closet, but I’m also hopeful to take part in another wardrobe challenge again soon, even if it’s just for me. Did you join in on the 10×10 fun? How did it go?

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