A List of Lists To Make For the New Year (Other Than Resolutions)

Calling all my fellow obsessive list-makers out there! This post is for you.

If there’s one thing I’m not sure I could get through life without, it would be lists. Groceries, to do’s, memories, goals, favourites — everything is better in list form. They make me feel like I kinda-sorta-almost have my life together.

Side note: I’m a pen & paper girl all the way, and I’m totally one of those people who can’t leave the department store without perusing the notebook aisle.

With the New Year literally around the corner, I’ve been thinking a lot about things I’d like to improve on (a.k.a things I totally sucked at in 2017, ha!). I usually make a classic list of New Year’s Resolutions, but there’s also a few other things I like to ponder and turn into list-form around this time of year.

Here’s a bit of list inspiration (list-piration?) to help you start off 2018 feeling like the organized, efficient, big-dreaming #girlboss that you are.

  1. Significant words. A simple list of 1 – 5 words that you’d like the next year to revolve around. Things like: simplicity, fulfillment, mindfulness…(those three are on my list!)
  2. Things to look forward to. This list is a great one to make to build anticipation and excitement for the upcoming months.
  3. Your 2017 accomplishments. It’s always empowering to reflect all the way back to January 2017 and see how far you’ve come.
  4. A big ol’ brain dump. I also call this one “looming to-do’s”. A list of all the little annoying things that are taking up back-burner space in your mind. Renewing my passport and going to the dentist are two things on my list.
  5. Memorable moments. What are your best memories from 2017? Jot them down for future days when you may need a little mood boost.
  6. A home wishlist. How can you refresh your space for the new year? Any items that would make life easier or more organized?
  7. An updated evening routine. I’ve been focusing on sticking to a weeknight routine so I don’t fall down the black hole that is Netflix. To make my routine stick, I listed how I want to spend my evenings in time increments, starting from when I get home from work to when I’m aiming to go to bed.
  8. Things you want to learn. How to knit, paint, or use a new computer program — 2018 is a great year to take up a new hobby! I’ve been using (and loving) Skillshare lately as it’s a bit more tailored than the usual YouTube tutorials.
  9. Create an exercise routine. This is something I majorly struggle with, so listing out a proper routine helps me stay on track. I list the exercises I want to do, whether it’s a yoga session or focusing on a muscle group, and organize them by day. In the new year, Mondays and Wednesdays are going to be my yoga days.
  10. Grocery essentials. Create a list of all the items you buy on a regular basis so you don’t have to make a new list from scratch for every grocery trip. This is one list I recommend creating on your phone so you can easily edit it. Copy & paste to a new note for each grocery run, and add on special requests as needed.
  11. New recipes to try. It’s always fun to switch up your usual go-to meals! Less than an hour on Pinterest and you’re bound to have a huge list of drool-worthy recipes to test out.
  12. Ways to save money. List out any items/expenses that you could potentially cut out of your budget and give them a dollar value. Add up those amounts and see how much money you could be saving each month!
  13. A 2018 bucket list. A few things you’d like to experience by this time next year. These could be lofty things, like starting a new business, or smaller things like finally going to the fancy restaurant you’ve always wanted to try.

I wish you all a healthy & happy 2018! Before I disappear for another few weeks (still getting the hang of this whole blogging thing), I’d love to know — are you a list lover? What do you do to plan for the New Year?

Until next time,


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