Workspace Wishlist (Updated!)

A few months ago I shared my minimalist workspace wishlist, but since then I’ve had some changes in my life including a new apartment, and of course I’ve changed my mind a dozen times on how I want to set up my mini home office.

First of all: the desk. I was set on buying a new desk for myself when in reality, the ones I was interested in were basically the same style and function as my current desk, just not from the 70’s. Thanks to the frugal minimalist in me, I pondered my desk-buying decision for so long that I ended up not deciding on anything at all.

Anyways, it turned out all my ol’ desk needed was a new paint job and updated drawer pull for me to fall back in love with it. Up-cycling for the win!

The desk situation is out of the way, but there are still a few things on my wish list for this space (who am I kidding — it’s a forever-changing list), especially now that it’s getting more use while I work on a(nother) little passion project of mine.

There’s a few items you may recognize from my previous workspace wish list, plus some changes and new items added. Take a look!

Workspace Wishlist | Erin Elizabeth

  1. The iconic Stendig calendar.
  2. Pen holder. Though, I would have to get all-matching pens if they’re going to be on display. #ocd
  3. Marble print mouse pad. Purchased! I loved this so much I actually ordered it while I was writing this, lol. It will also prevent my mouse from wearing down the new paint. Beauty + function.
  4. This vintage-vibe tea light holder.
  5. The 52 List Project journal. I’m kind of obsessed with lists, so I feel like I could really get into daily journaling if I were prompted to make one every day.
  6. Canvas chair. I usually keep things pretty neutral, but I am in love with this navy blue fabric. I was totally sold on the Scandinavian-inspired molded plastic/wooden base chair, but I decided I’d much rather a cushioned chair for long periods of sitting.
  7. Palm leaf plant. Purchased a similar (REAL) one for $7.50 on clearance!
  8. The Day Designer planner has been on my radar forever. Tough decision, though — stripes or marble?
  9. Faux sheepskin rug for a little texture and coziness.

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